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Drarry Smut

Drarry. Britin. Klaine. Johnlock. Etc.
Sep 23 '14


Some Drarry stuff really turns me on

Aug 11 '14

Harry …

Harry …

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Aug 11 '14

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Aug 8 '14
Aug 8 '14
Aug 8 '14

Harry Potter, the boy who lived…come to die.

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Aug 4 '14
May 20 '14

“They won’t be able to see you?” asked Harry.
“We are part of you,” said Sirius. “Invisible to anyone else.”
Harry looked at his mother.
Stay close to me,” he said quietly.

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May 16 '14


Why don’t we talk more about Jessie Cave’s twitter


this girl is perfect

are you reading this shit

why don’t we talk more about Jessie Cave

May 15 '14

This was the close. This was the moment. He pressed the golden metal to his lips and whispered, ‘I am about to die.’

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